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Preferred Customer Credit Card

Whether you need to refuel, change your oil or buy new tires, the MFA Oil Preferred Card is a convenient payment option to keep you on the road.  It is accepted at all Break Time convenience stores, Petro-Card 24 sites, participating Jiffy Lube and Big O Tires stores, participating MFA Oil Company service stations and other locations.

What does the MFA Oil/Break Time Preferred Card offer customers?


  • No finance charge when your account balance is paid in full when due. 

  • Detailed monthly statements showing: 
  • o Time
    o Date
    o Location
    o Product
    o Price
    o Gallons
    o Total Sale
    o Subcategorized by card number

  • The option of a customized account that restricts card(s) to specific types of purchases, an especially good feature for business account holders who wish to limit employees to fuel purchases only. Cards can be customized to:
  • o Fuel only purchases
    o Fuel and automotive supplies purchases
    o All items purchases
    o Odometer reading prompt
    o Driver ID/Pin # prompt
    o Vehicle # prompt