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Petro-Card 24

MFA Oil was one of the first to offer a 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year unattended fueling system: Petro-Card 24.

But we didn't stop there:  We established a network of Petro-Card 24 systems that encompasses more than 170 locations in Missouri, Arkansas and Iowa. And we gave you one card to access them all!

Then we had another great idea:  Petro-Card 24 is such a good system, why not invite everyone with a major credit or fleet card to use it?

Petro-Card 24 Systems brings convenience to everyone...

  • Fast: Drive in, fuel vehicle, drive out. No waiting in cashier lines.
  • Easy: Follow simple directions on modern, up-to-date card reader.
  • Safe: Cards are security coded; driveway areas are lighted.
  • Convenient: Purchase fuels anytime you need them - 24/7.
  • Flexible: Use the Petro-Card 24 credit card, any major credit card or one of several fleet cards.

With some added benefits for those who use a Petro-Card 24 credit card...

  • Universal: Use your card at every location in the MFA Oil Petro-Card 24 network.
  • Free credit with Petro-Card 24 card: Pay all charges by the due date and there's no finance charge.
  • Versatile Statement: Choose from optional features that simplify your accounting. One monthly statement lists all charges, with purchase location and individual vehicles specified.

Why use a Petro-Card 24 credit card?

  • No monthly fees
  • Higher gallon limit for large purchases
  • Simplified recordkeeping
  • Tax exemptions on dyed diesel
  • Manage fuel expenses through contract pricing
  • Members earn patronage on every gallon
*A $20 gift card will be rewarded to new Petro-Card 24 customers with approved credit application. Must make purchase with Petro-Card 24 card within 90 days of credit approval to qualify. Allow 6-8 weeks following purchase transaction to receive gift card.