Residential Customers

You invest a lot of time and money in your home, and you expect it to be a warm, comfortable haven where a hot meal, a warm bath and a relaxing evening by the fireplace can be taken for granted. 

MFA Oil Company can meet your home heating and other needs with friendly, dependable delivery of quality propane.  As part of our service, regular leak testing and visual inspections of your propane system will help keep you worry-free.  And among the variety of propane programs we offer, you are certain to find one that meets  your requirements.

We operate more than 100 propane plants, sell more propane than any other company in Missouri and serve customers in Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kentucky and Indiana. All MFA Oil Propane employees are state certified.

Learn more about MFA Oil Propane by reaching out to a location near you or completing the Become a Customer form.  An MFA Oil representative will contact you.