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Tank Options

Do you need a small propane tank to fuel a fireplace, range or hot tub?  Or maybe you’re heating a large home with multiple fireplaces, and have water heaters and a gas clothes dryer.  Whatever your requirements, MFA Oil Propane can meet them.

Let us help you determine which tank is right for you based on your home's square footage and anticipated uses.  We offer tanks for lease or purchase in a variety of sizes:

  • 120-gallon
  • 250-gallon
  • 330-gallon
  • 500-gallon
  • 1,000-gallon

Save yourself the worry of maintaining and repairing your propane tank.  Take advantage of MFA Oil's leasing option and we’ll assume all maintenance and upkeep of tanks and regulators…at no charge.

Already own a tank?  Maintenance and repair of customer-owned tanks also is available.  Contact your propane plant for details.