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Propane Safety

Propane is a very safe fuel. Propane's unique molecular properties make it much safer and cleaner than related petroleum-based energy sources.  But as with any energy source, there are steps you should take to further ensure your safety:

  • If you detect a gas leak, immediately evacuate everyone from the house and call your local propane provider or the fire department from your mobile phone or a neighbor's phone.
  • Learn what propane smells like. Ask for a scratch-and-sniff pamphlet to help your family recognize its distinctive odor.
  • Know where gas lines are located, so you won't damage them when digging or working in the yard.
  • Change or clean furnace filters regularly as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Don't store cleaning fluids, oil-soaked rags, gasoline or other flammable liquids near a gas-burning appliance where vapors could be ignited by the pilot light. 
At MFA Oil, the safety of our customers and employees is our top priority.  Each of our experienced propane professionals completes a comprehensive training program before delivering propane to you:

  • Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) – A nationwide certification program for employees in the propane industry.
  • Mobile Propane Classroom Training – A hands-on training program in MFA Oil’s transportable teaching trailer that gives employees an opportunity to learn proper installation of propane tanks, appliances, regulators and piping systems.
  • Smith System® Driver Training Program – A behind the wheel training program that teaches safe driving practices using The Smith5KeysTM, a method proven to reduce risks on the road. 
  • State Certification – All our propane professionals are certified to deliver and handle propane gas by the state in which they operate.

In addition, we have a dedicated Environmental, Health and Safety team to reinforce our Safety Standards.


Consumer Education

Safety begins with education.  The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), along with the propane industry, developed these e-learning modules on consumer propane safety.  Each module takes less than 10 minutes to complete.  Please take time to review this important information and share it with your family.