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Bring comfort and efficiency into your home from one of the leading propane companies. Our services are rooted in a longtime commitment to stand strong with our customers, delivering propane at a fair price with no hidden fees—it’s the right thing to do and helps protect the rural way of life. 

Whether it’s for your home, farm or commercial business, we want to make you confident in your propane energy solution, knowing it’s safe, efficient and affordable. Trust the reliable and friendly service from our state-certified employees so you and your family can relax and enjoy the little things. Learn more below.

MFA Oil Propane Benefits

Benefits of Propane

Propane is one of the most efficient fuels available and has helped bring down energy costs for homeowners, farmers and business owners. It’s also environmentally-friendly, safe and versatile.

At home, use it for your central heating system, gas range, clothes dryer, water heater, space heater, fireplace and generators. On the farm, use it for irrigation pumps, poultry/livestock heating and grain/crop drying. Propane also proves to be a remarkable fuel for powering cars, trucks, mowers, forklifts and other motor vehicles. Its efficiency improves mileage and helps the environment by greatly reducing emissions while extending the life of vehicle engines.

Explore more advantages of propane.

Propane Safety

Propane Safety

At MFA Oil, the safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. Our propane professionals complete a comprehensive safety program that provides classroom and hands-on training to ensure that every delivery and installation exceeds regulatory and industry standards. We complete a visual inspection and leak test of your tank so you can be assured it’s in the best operating condition.

We also take every opportunity to keep you informed about propane safety through educational materials.

Learn more about our commitment to propane safety.

MFA Oil Propane Programs

MFA Oil’s Propane Programs

Bring comfort and efficiency into your home, farm or business with propane. Safe, quality propane at a fair price: that's our promise to you. Additionally, we want you to pay for propane in a way that makes sense for your budget. That’s why we offer various propane programs that work for you.

Browse our propane programs for details.

Propane Tank Size

Propane Tank Sizes

The propane experts at MFA Oil are here to discuss your application and help you decide which tank size would work best. We offer propane tanks for lease or purchase in a variety of sizes, from 120-gallon up to 1,000-gallon.

View our various propane tank sizes. 

Propane Tank Refill Locations

Operating from more than 100 propane plants, MFA Oil sells more propane for home heating and farm use than any other company in Missouri. We also serve customers in the following states:

  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
  • Utah

We offer propane tank refills and exchange at many of our propane plant locations throughout the Midwest.

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