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Total Use Grease

Product Data Sheet

Closer to being a truly all-purpose product than most other greases in the marketplace. The life of this product is two or three times that of regular grease, either in storage or in the most critical areas of application. Its performance in water or wet environments is the same as if no water was present. Total Use Grease is designed for all types of industrial, agricultural, construction and automotive uses known today. It resists thinning for long periods of time, which is necessary for heavy-duty requirements. Its extremely high melting point, above 500° F, and extreme pressure protection give it a GC-LB rating with the National Lubricating Grease Institute. Benefits include:

  • Excellent load carrying, anti-wear and extreme pressure ability
  • Excellent water, rust and oxidation resistance
  • Extended lubrication intervals
  • Burn resistant

AVAILABLE IN: 16 oz, 35 lb, 120 lb, 400 lb


Sho-Me Grease

Product Data Sheet

A #2 lithium complex multipurpose, extreme pressure, high temperature grease. It has a distinctive red color for easy identification. Developed to satisfy service requirements of the automotive and heavy duty trucking industries, this product also provides a wide variety of agricultural and industrial applications. Sho-Me Grease carries NLGI GC-LB approval. Benefits include:

  • Excellent automotive grease
  • Anti-wear, rust and corrosion protection
  • Good low temperature pump ability

AVAILABLE IN: 14 oz, 120 lb, 400 lb