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Oils & Lubricants

MFA Oil has been providing premiums fuel and lubricants to customers for 90 years, and we are committed to quality.  We use the latest technology to make sure our products, when used as directed, provide maximum protection and extend equipment life. With nearly 100 bulk fuel plants in Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa and Kansas, MFA Oil can deliver to your farm, home or business. Or, stop by your local plant and pick up your supply today.

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Work Horse® is a new breed of lubricants designed to stand up to brutal workloads and a wide range of challenging conditions. Born from a 90-year legacy of proven performance and premium products, Work Horse lubricants are formulated using the latest technology and advanced additives to deliver superior results and the protection you demand. Your hard-working equipment needs hard-working oil.



MFA Oil offers a full line of conventional and synthetic motor oils for superior performance and extended life of gasoline and diesel engines.



MFA Oil offers a variety of transmission and torque fluids formulated to provide superior shifting performance and protection against gear and bearing wear.




Rely on MFA Oil antifreeze and coolants to defend against extreme temperature conditions and to protect from rust and corrosion.



MFA Oil greases offer superior high temperature performance and extreme pressure protection, making them suitable in a variety of applications.




MFA Oil industrial oils are formulated to provide outstanding lubrication to extend life and improve equipment performance.


Formulated with top quality base oils to maximize performance.