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Fuel Contracting

Take the guesswork out of budgeting for your farm or business with MFA Oil's Fuel Contracting program.  By presetting your fuel price and other factors, you can shelter yourself from price spikes during routine periods of high demand or uncertainties like weather or world events.  Fuel contracting allows you to specify the type, amount and cost of your fuel needs. 

MFA Oil offers two fuel contracting options:

  • Fixed Price - Secure a price per gallon for the duration of the contract period.  This guarantees your price and allows you to forecast your expenses.
  • Maximum Price - Take advantage of possible price declines during the contract period.  By paying a nominal fee, your cost effectively has a ceiling – a rate it will not exceed – but no floor.  If fuel costs go down, so will your price.

Fuel contracts can be set up anytime of the year for up to 12 months.  And, you can choose the delivery method most convenient for you – reliable tankwagon delivery, the convenience of your nearby Petro-Card 24 location or direct delivery from the terminal.

*Fuel contracting is not available in all areas. Contact your bulk plant for details.

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