Diesel Tractor in field- MFA Oil Company Boss Diesel

Take Charge.

BOSS Performance Diesel™ from MFA Oil

Whether you rely on diesel fuel for agriculture, construction, trucking or simply getting around town, MFA Oil's BOSS Performance Diesel™ is formulated to keep your engine running at peak performance. Our performance diesel products are scientifically designed and tested for all diesel engines, including today’s modern, high-tech engines, and it prevents internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) that rob engines of horsepower, torque and fuel economy.


MFA Oil’s BOSS Performance DieselTM products provide outstanding performance for all on-road and off-road diesel vehicles of all ages. In addition to burning cleaner and reducing emissions, BOSS Performance DieselTM:

  • Cleans and prevents nozzle and IDID injector deposits to maximize horsepower and fuel economy.
  • Provides DW-10 cleanup and keep-clean performance, along with traditional L-10 superior cleanup and keep-clean performance.
  • Typically increases horsepower and fuel economy by as much as 4.5% over untreated #2 diesel fuel.
  • Maximizes fuel filter life by preventing formation of black soot/sludge that can lead to premature fuel filter plugging.
  • Improves cold weather operability compared to typical untreated diesel fuel.
  • Offers a higher cetane number (typically 49) for quicker start-ups, increased power and smoother operation.
  • Increases lubricity to provide superior wear protection on the fuel injection system and fuel pump. Typically increases lubricity by 15%, exceeding both ASTM and OEM’s lubricity requirements.
  • Provides corrosion protection throughout the entire fuel system.
  • Improves thermal and oxidative stability for increased storage life, especially in aboveground storage tanks.
  • Contains multi-staged water control chemistry and deicer to minimize issues associated with water in storage tanks and filter/fuel line freezing.
  • Improves fuel conductivity by reducing static build-up for safe fuel handling