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Biodiesel Fuel 

Biodiesel is one of the fastest growing alternative fuels in the country today. Biodiesel is commonly produced by a variety of plant oils, including soybean oils or waste vegetable oil. The biodiesel market is expected to continue to grow as technology makes alternative fuels more widely available. 

Biodiesel – Diesel Fuel

Learn more about clean-burning biodiesel at www.biodiesel.org

MFA Oil’s Contribution to Biodiesel Fuels

For over 20 years, MFA Oil has been committed to promoting biodiesel, America’s first advanced biofuel. In 1993, we worked with the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council to make soy biodiesel available to three rural electric cooperatives in central and northeast Missouri that were field testing the fuel as part of research conducted by the University of Missouri. In early 2002, MFA Oil made Soyplus® biodiesel available at our bulk fuel plants. Then, in 2005, we became part-owner in Mid-America Biofuels, LLC, Missouri's first major biodiesel production facility located in Mexico, MO.

Why Biodiesel?

Simply put, biodiesel is more environmentally friendly than regular diesel because it is made from renewable resources. Biodiesel fuel also has lower emissions compared to regular diesel. Produced domestically, biodiesel fuels decrease our dependence on imported fuel and contributes to our own economy. 

Find Biodiesel Fuels from MFA Oil

MFA Oil offers clear or dyed blends of bulk biodiesel fuels ranging from two to 20 percent at many of our bulk fuel plants. Find biodiesel fuel at an MFA Oil location near you.