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Propane Programs


MFA Oil Pre-Buy Program

Pre-Buy Program

At MFA Oil, we know propane prices are unpredictable and we can help protect you from spikes that occur during high demand winter months. Sign up for our Pre-Buy Program and contract your supply of propane, then rest easy knowing the price you will pay is locked in. This program not only takes the guesswork out of budgeting for your propane needs, it allows you to choose the payment option most convenient for you:

100% Pre-Buy - Pay 100% when you sign up.
4-Pay - Pay 25% down and 25% per month for three months.
Budget Plan - Make a down payment, then divide the balance over the remaining months until March.

MFA Oil Budget Billing Program

Budget Billing Program

Do unpredictable and often high winter propane prices make it hard for you to budget for your heating requirements during cold months? Sign up for MFA Oil’s Budget Billing Program and we’ll help take some of the guesswork out of your planning. This program allows you to even out your payments for propane over a specified period to offset high heating bills typically incurred during cold weather. It also provides assurance of an adequate supply of propane at all times, with automatic delivery. We'll fill your tank as needed so you never have to call for propane, and you will benefit from MFA Oil's competitive prices throughout the year.

MFA Oil Propane Auto Fill Program

Auto-Fill Program

Considering your busy life, wouldn’t it be helpful to have one less thing to keep track of, like the level of propane in your tank? MFA Oil's Auto-Fill Program utilizes tank-monitoring technology that factors in past usage and weather conditions and tells us when you need propane. You won’t need to check your tank gauge or worry about running out of propane. We'll deliver when you need it.

Credit approval may be required.


MFA Oil Propane 50/50 Referral Program

50/50 Referral Program

We know the best compliment we can get from our customers is their referral of friends and neighbors to buy propane from MFA Oil.  We appreciate your confidence in us and would like to offer a reward to you and to the new propane customer you refer. 

For more information on our programs or services, contact your local propane plant or fill out our New Customer Form and an MFA Oil representative will contact you. Need your tank painted? Let us know!