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TOP TIER™ Detergent Gasoline

Modern engines are designed to run their best when vital engine parts are kept clean. All grades of MFA Oil gasoline meet TOP TIERTM Detergent Gasoline standards, which helps make us one of the leading gas suppliers in the Midwest.

Available in regular unleaded, unleaded plus (with 10% ethanol) and premium unleaded, our fuels meet all of the latest government requirements and promises to help make your vehicle run at peak performance.

Learn more about the premier standard at www.toptiergas.com

What is TOP TIERTM Gas?

Not all gasoline is TOP TIERTM. Trademarked by several major automakers, TOP TIERTM Detergent Gasoline is the highest cleanliness standard for gasoline performance, exceeding the minimum requirements designated by the EPA.

TOP TIERTM gas is enhanced with various detergents to deliver a wide range of engine, vehicle and environmental benefits. It’s absent of harmful metallic additives which can damage a vehicle’s emissions system and create additional pollutants. 

Why is TOP TIERTM Gas Better?

The complex engines designed today demand higher quality gasoline in order to keep vehicle’s running at peak performance. TOP TIERTM Detergent Gasoline meets those demands by helping to:

  • reduce deposits on intake valves, fuel injectors and other engine parts
  • Extend vehicle engine life
  • Optimize fuel economy
  • Lower emissions for a cleaner environment 
  • Decrease motor repairs
  • Decrease likelihood of improper fuel distribution, rough idling, engine stalls, piston misfires and other tendencies caused from gunk buildup

MFA Oil is a Proud TOP TIERTM Gas Supplier

 Your engine deserves TOP TIERTM Detergent Gasoline. We offer regular unleaded, unleaded plus (with 10% ethanol) and premium unleaded blends. Our TOP TIER TM Detergent Gasoline meets all of the latest government requirements and promises the performance your vehicle deserves. 

Watch the video below or contact us today to learn more about TOP TIERTM Detergent Gasoline and its benefits.