MFA Oil has been in the business of serving fuel dealers since 1934.  As an established supplier with a strong team of professionals, we are committed to providing your dealership or convenience store with unparalleled service and the tools you need to make your business a success. 

MFA Oil formed a powerful partnership with American Petroleum Marketers (APM) to bring impressive benefits to our c-store dealers.  APM operates as a Cenex jobber in Missouri, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma.  Through APM, you can choose Cenex branding, which gives you access to Cenex marketing programs and advertising tools, or you can remain unbranded to keep your current identity while we supply your fuel at a competitive price. 

Here are other benefits you’ll tap into when you choose APM:

  • Brand Strength
  • Quality Products
  • Dependable Supply
  • Convenient Conversion
  • Reduced Processing Fees
  • Competitive Pricing/Convenient Billing
  • Personalized Service

For more information on what APM has to offer, visit